The Comparative Effect of Liquid and Tablet Preparation of Purple Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L) Extract to Lipid Profile, MDA, and SOD Level in Male Wistar Rats After Given High-Cholesterol Diet

I Wayan Putu Sutirta Yasa, I Made Jawi, Putu Astawa


Background: Recent developments in tablet preparation of extract have brought advantages to keep active ingredients from plants in stable forms physically and chemically. This study aims to compare the liquid and tablet preparation of purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) extract to lipid profile, MDA, and SOD level in rats after given high-cholesterol diet. Methods: A randomized pre- and post-test control group experimental study was conducted during 4 weeks among 21 male Wistar rats. They were divided into 3 groups in this study namely: control (only high-cholesterol diet), Treatment 1 (T1) group (high-cholesterol diet and 200mg/day tablet of purple sweet potato extract), and Treatment 2 (T2) group (high-cholesterol diet and liquid form of purple sweet potato tubers extract about 2 mL/day). Lipid profile, MDA, and SOD level examination were performed twice from retro orbital sinus blood drawn and analyzed using ANOVA in SPSS version 17.Results: Mean value of lipid profile was significantly lower in T2 group (Cholesterol 84.48 ± 3.38; LDL 23.05 ± 2.32; HDL 63.39 ± 1.56; and triglycerides 96.03 ± 3.82; P < 0.05) after study period. The mean value of MDA was also significantly lower in T2 group (1.25 ± 0.09; P < 0.05) and SOD level was significantly higher in T2 group (73.72 ± 4.14; P < 0.05) in the end of study. Conclusion: Liquid preparation of purple sweet potato extract showed a better efficacy in reducing lipid profile and MDA level, as well as enhancing SOD level in rats given high-cholesterol diet.

Keywords: Lipid Profile, Liquid, MDA and SOD Level, Purple Sweet Potato, Tablet.

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