Measurement of Pollution with Heavy Metals in Water and Sediment Dalmage Lake-Middle of Iraq

Esraa A. Elewi


The current study aims at determining the quality of the water and the sediments of the Dalmage Lake in terms of pollution. Where some physical characteristics and concentrations of some heavy elements were measured by three different stations from Dalmage Lake which is located in middle of Iraq between Qadisiyah and Al-Kut provinces, from September 2017 to January 2018 . The studied properties included temperature, pH, electrical conductivity and measurement of concentrations of heavy metals (cadmium, lead, copper, cobalt and iron) in the water and sediments of the Dalmage Lake. The results of the study showed that the temperature of the air is compatible with the temperature of water in all stations of the study where the temperature of air between (18 - 35.3)0c and water temperature (12-25)0c. The electric conductivity was recorded between (9.89 - 16.81) ms/cm and the pH values ranged from (7, 72 - 8, 16). As for the concentrations of heavy elements in the water of Dalmage Lake, the study showed that the cadmium concentration ranged between (0.034 - 0.082), lead (0,041 - 0,753), copper (0.039-0,354) Cobalt (0.050 - 0.189) and iron (0.405 - 0.490) mg / L. While in the sediment of Dalmage Lake the pH values (7, 41 - 8, 09) were the electrical conductivity (12.97 - 17.13) ms/cm and the concentrations of heavy metals were recorded for cadmium (0,093-0,010), lead (1,202 - 1,708), copper (0,180 -), Cobalt (0.157-0.521) and Iron (35,170 - 115,971) mg/L. The study showed that the water of Dalmage Lake has a basic character. This corresponds to the Iraqi water which is characterized by basal quality. The electrical conductivity is high because the water of the lake is sality, and the study showed an increase in concentration of heavy elements, this means that the lake is polluted by its because of incompatibility with values of WHO and local standards .

Keywords: Pollution, Dalmage Lake, Heavy Metals, Sediment.

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