D. K. Vishwkarma, A. K. Tripathi, P. Yogesh, B. Maddheshiyab


Oral drug delivery is the most widely utilized route of administration among the entire route that has been explored for the systemic delivery of drug via various pharmaceutical products of different dosage forms. The conventional tablet  seems to be most popular because of its ease of transportability and comparatively low manufacturing cost but poor patient compliance in case of pediatrics and geriatrics patients who experienced difficulties in swallowing, in response to this mouth dissolving drugs delivery system(MDDs) were developed as an alternative to tablet, cap & syrups. A variety of MDDs like mouth dissolving tablets and mouth dissolving film (MDFs) were commercialized. MDFs evolved over the past few years from by the confection and oral care market in the form of breath strips & became a novel & widely accepted form by consumers. MDFs were developed based on the technology of transdermal patches. It consist very thin oral strips, which release active ingredients immediately after uptake into oral cavity. Today MDFs are a proven & accepted technology for the systemic delivery of active pharmaceuticals ingredients.  


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