Results of the Comparative Analysis of the Willingness-To-Pay Threshold Indicators for Introduction of Innovative Technologies in Healthcare Calculated on the Basis of the Purchasing Power Parity of the Population in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia

Hanna Panfilova


Objective: To conduct a comparative analysis of the dynamics of changes in the willingness-to-pay indicators concerning introduction of the innovative technology in the national healthcare systems of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. Methods: The studies used the “Willingness-to-pay” calculation method proposed by the WHO Commission on Health Macroeconomics and Economics. Calculation and comparison of willingness-to-pay indicators in the reference countries was carried out on the basis of the purchasing power parity (PPP) of the population. Results: It was found that during 2010-2017 Azerbaijan consistently held the leading position when introducing the innovative technology in healthcare by the willingness-to-pay value. By the average value of willingness-to-pay indicators (in 2010-2017) the reference countries were distributed in ascending order of indicators in the following way: Armenia (24, 28 USD Thousand); Ukraine (25,02 USD Thousand); Georgia (26,30 USD Thousand); Azerbaijan (50,61 USD Thousand). Therefore, the average value of the willingness-to-pay indicator in Azerbaijan was approximately twice as much as in other reference countries. Іn ascending order of the average growth rate values (%) of the willingness-to-pay indicator the countries were distributed as follows: Azerbaijan (101.69%); Ukraine (102.02%); Armenia (105.4%); Georgia (107.2%). Azerbaijan demonstrated the highest willingness-to-pay indicators, but it showed the lowest average growth rates (%) within 2010-2017. The highest growth rate (%) of the willingness-to-pay indicator was observed in Georgia. Conclusion: The results of the studies conducted can be used to form an objective assessment of the threshold values of national healthcare systems in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.
Keywords: Innovative drug, Innovative health technology, Health technology assessment, Pharmaceutical provision of the population, Willingness-to-pay indicator.

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