Antimicrobial Action of Allium sativum and Elettaria Cardamomum against Streptococcus Mutans and Lactococcus Raffinolactis Detachment of Tooth Rot

Ashraf Sami Hassan


Twenty specimen from individuals endure tooth rot in various age from Hospitals of the city of Baghdad, segregate analyze of the phenotypic qualities by development of these microorganisms on the way of life media, minute determination and tests biochemical depending on a framework vitek 2 ,where the outcomes demonstrated the microscopic organisms that cause tooth rot is Streptococcus mutans and Lactococcus raffinolactis in equivalent extents, natural adequacy of watery concentrates of Allium sativum and Elettaria cardamomum against the microbes, from the outcomes demonstrate that disengages of Streptococcus mutans was the most touchy to the fluid concentrate comparator with microbes Lactococcus raffinolactis that indicated less impact towards our concentrates under review, On the other hand, the outcomes demonstrated that the fluid concentrate of the Elettaria cardamomum it is best against the development of bacterial species under review contrasted and fluid concentrate of Allium sativum.

Keywords: In vitro, Herbal extracts, Antimicrobial activity, Dental pathogens.

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