Evaluation the Efficacy of Combined Therapy Ketoconazole and Tamsulosinvs Tamsulosin in AUR Followed BPH Iraqi Patients

Ali Abdulbaqi Ali Ismael


The  Benin prostate hyperplasia symptom may began with 40years and the  incidence increased with  increased age to reach  30% in  men aged above70 years , this associated with   sever complication like AUR which associated with higher morbidity and mortality about 1:7 of patients suffering from AUR dies during the first year, So the study aimed to evaluated the efficacy of mixed therapy versus mono therapy  as well as prolong period ( 5 and 8- days ) in success   TWOC . This study included 100 AUR as complicated to BPA patients which divided into two groups the 1st one 50 patients treated with mixed therapy Ketoconazole and Tamsulosin for 5 Daye (25patients) and 8daye (25 patients)  , While the 2nd groups treated with immunotherapy Tamsulosin for 5 day and 8 day to 25 patient for each one , then evaluate peak flow rate , Residual urine , voided volume and prostate size to determined efficient type  of therapy that gave  successful  treatment . Results clarified  that mixed therapy recorded the best  results than mono-therapy and duration for 8 day revealed  high PFR, voided volume and low residual urine  and prostate size. In conclusion Combination therapy ( Tamsulosin and ketoconazole )augment the prospers rate of treatment without catheter in AUR person this confirmed through that patient  void more successfully after catheter removal , according to  duration  the 8 day revealed high peak flow rate , voided volume and decreased the residual urine also , combination therapy with 8doses recommended to treatment AUR complicated BPH patients

Keywords: BPA, AUR, Ketoconazole, Tamsulosin, TWOC, Combined therapy.

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